As the leader of this group, I welcome you to visit our website, correspond with members of our group and discuss your technical interests with us. Our laboratory is involved in the research of advanced nanomaterials with specific application areas in alternative energy, multifunctional nanocomposites, and electronics/sensor technologies. Our research focuses on the materials science and engineering of several technologies that will impact our society in the future. Energy generation and storage, chemical sensors, nanoelectronics, flexible displays, high performance composites, membrane technologies, coatings, and biomedical technologies are some of the areas we will broadly cover. With several collaborations at Rice and outside we are involved in a multi-disciplinary team effort with the goal of developing functional nanomaterials for a rich variety of applications.

We are committed to changing the world through discoveries and development of new materials. Our efforts begin where the imaginative mind meets the experienced. We are excited about what future technology can offer society. We want to be leading players in this endeavor. We want to be the missionaries of science in our lifetime. We want to influence young minds to make science their way of life.

Thank you for visiting us.
All the best,

P. M. Ajayan

Benjamin M. and Mary Greenwood Anderson Professor of Engineering
Professor and Chair, Department of Materials Science and NanoEngineering
Professor, Department Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Professor, Department of Chemistry

Latest Articles
Piezoelectricity across 2D Phase Boundaries - Advanced Materials (2022)

Anand B. Puthirath, Xiang Zhang, Aravind Krishnamoorthy, Rui Xu, Farnaz Safi Samghabadi, David C. Moore, Jiawei Lai, Tianyi Zhang, David E. Sanchez, Fu Zhang, Nicholas R. Glavin, Dmitri Litvinov, Robert Vajtai, Venkataraman Swaminathan, Mauricio Terrones, Hanyu Zhu, Priya Vashishta, Pulickel M. Ajayan

Sustainable valorization of asphaltenes via flash joule heating - Science Advances (2022)

M.A.S.R. Saadi, Paul A. Advincula, Md Shajedul Hoque Thakur, Ali Zein Khater, Shabab Saad, Ali Shayesteh Zeraati, Shariful Kibria Nabil, Aasha Zinke, Soumyabrata Roy, Minghe Lou, Sravani N. Bheemasetti, Md Abdullah Al Bari, Yiwen Zheng, Jacob L. Beckham, Venkataramana Gadhamshetty, Aniruddh Vashisth, Md Golam Kibria, James M. Tour, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Muhammad M. Rahman

Direct Ink Writing: A 3D Printing Technology for Diverse Materials - Advanced Materials (2022)

Saadi, M A S R; Maguire, Alianna; Pottackal, Neethu; Thakur, Md Shajedul Hoque; Ikram, Maruf Md; Hart, A John; Ajayan, Pulickel M; Rahman, Muhammad M

Quantum Materials Manufacturing - Advanced Materials (2022)

Glavin, Nicholas R; Ajayan, Pulickel M; Kar, Swastik

Friction of magnetene, a non–van der Waals 2D material - Science Advances (2021)

Peter Serles, Taib Arif, Anand B. Puthirath, Shwetank Yadav, Guorui Wang, Teng Cui, Aravind Puthirath Balan, Thakur Prasad Yadav, Prasankumar Thibeorchews, Nithya Chakingal, Gelu Costin, Chandra Veer Singh, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Tobin Filleter

Damage-tolerant 3D-printed ceramics via conformal coating - Science Advances (2021)

Seyed Mohammad Sajadi, Lívia Vásárhelyi, Reza Mousavi, Amir Hossein Rahmati, Zoltán Kónya, Ákos Kukovecz, Taib Arif, Tobin Filleter, Robert Vajtai, Peter Boul, Zhenqian Pang, Teng Li, Chandra Sekhar Tiwary, Muhammad M. Rahman, Pulickel M. Ajayan

Light-Assisted Rechargeable Lithium Batteries: Organic Molecules for Simultaneous Energy Harvesting and Storage - Nano Letters (2021)

Keiko Kato, Anand B. Puthirath, Ali Mojibpour, Mikhail Miroshnikov, Sitakanta Satapathy, Naresh Kumar Thangavel, Kiran Mahankali, Liangliang Dong, Leela Mohana Reddy Arava, George John, Palash Bharadwaj, Ganguli Babu, and Pulickel M. Ajayan

Multifunctional nanocoated membranes for high-rate electrothermal desalination of hypersaline waters - Nature Nanotechnology (2020)

Kuichang Zuo, Weipeng Wang, Akshay Deshmukh, Shuai Jia, Hua Guo, Ruikun Xin, Menachem Elimelech, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Jun Lou, Qilin Li

2D Electrets of Ultrathin MoO2 with Apparent Piezoelectricity - Advanced Materials (2020)

Apte, A., Mozaffari, K., Samghabadi, F. S., Hachtel, J. A., Chang, L., Susarla, S., Idrobo, J. C., Moore, D. C., Glavin, N. R., Litvinov, D., Sharma, P., Puthirath, A. B., Ajayan, P. M.

Multifunctional Bio‐Nanocomposite Coatings for Perishable Fruits - Multifunctional Bio‐Nanocomposite Coatings for Perishable Fruits (2020)

Jung, S., Cui, Y., Barnes, M., Satam, C., Zhang, S., Chowdhury, R. A., Adumbumkulath, A., Sahin, O., Miller, C., Sajadi, S. M., Sassi, L. M., Ji, Y., Bennett, M. R., Yu, M., Friguglietti, J., Merchant, F. A., Verduzco, R., Roy, S., Vajtai, R., Meredith, J. C., Youngblood, J. P., Koratkar, N., Rahman, M. M., Ajayan, P. M.

Correlating the three-dimensional atomic defects and electronic properties of two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides - Nature materials (2020)

Xuezeng Tian, Dennis S. Kim, Shize Yang, Christopher J. Ciccarino, Yongji Gong, Yongsoo Yang, Yao Yang, Blake Duschatko, Yakun Yuan, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Juan Carlos Idrobo, Prineha Narang and Jianwei Miao

Fatigue of graphene - Nature materials, (2020).

Cui, Teng; Mukherjee, Sankha; Sudeep, Parambath M; Colas, Guillaume; Najafi, Farzin; Tam, Jason; Ajayan, Pulickel M; Singh, Chandra Veer; Sun, Yu; Filleter, Tobin