Our broad interest lies in the development of new nanostructured materials, all the way from building blocks to nanostructured solids and in the exploration and discovery of nanostructures, we study several of their behaviors and applications that are outside our mainstream research topics listed above. Here are some of the outlying research areas that have yielded fascinating results with nanomaterials. Exploration of nanoparticles of single and multiple compositions, structure and phase diagram of nanoparticles, unique nanostructured coatings and applications such as corrosion and environmental protection, applications of nanostructures in cancer therapy and bio-imaging, magnetic properties of nanostructures etc. are some of the topics we have worked on in the past.
Another area of our research focuses on the interaction of water with materials as an important aspect in the development of materials for applications for water purification, desalination etc. We have been studying over the years, properties such as wetting, superhydrophobicity, water tribology on surfaces etc. and concepts related to understanding the interactions of materials with water. We have been interested in water purification and removal of contaminants from water. In addition, we are also interested in the development of nanostructured membranes and understanding fluid flow through these membranes that could be useful in future water technologies. Apart from these, we have also worked on the catalytic water splitting process including the development of new types of photocatalysts.