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Our research focuses on the development of functional nanostructured materials for variety of applications. We look at the materials science and engineering aspects of these novel materials with three different focused application areas:

CARBON NANOTUBES: Our group has been pioneers in the synthesis, characterization and development of carbon nanotubes and their engineered structures ever since the discovery of this material at NEC….Read More

GRAPHENE: The advent of graphene has pushed several researchers in the field of carbon nanoscience to explore the exciting properties of this material. We have focused on the CVD growth of graphene as well as its characterization….Read More

2D MATERIALS: Graphene provided the excitement and impact to explore isolated 2D atomic layers that go beyond graphene but has a rich variety in composition, electronic structure and properties.…Read More

3D MATERIALS: One of the key bottlenecks of nanotechnology is the inability to translate the amazing properties of individual nanostructures (e.g. carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles etc.) to larger scales….Read More

NANOCOMPOSITES: Nanocomposite materials have a huge potential in future technologies but the creation of optimized nanocomposites with controlled engineering of interfaces has been a challenge. We have worked….…Read More

OPTICAL/ELECTRICAL PROPERTIES OF NANOSTRUCTURES: We have over the years on developing nanostructures for electronic/optical devices. Some of these devices include interconnects, sensors and plasmonic devices.….Read More

ENERGY STORAGE: Li ion battery and supercapacitor development play an important role in technology today in ways that impact society….Read More

NANOTECHNOLOGY FOR MISCELLANEOUS APPLICATIONS: We are interested in the development of new nanostructured materials, from building blocks to nanostructured solids and in the exploration and discovery of nanostructures. Additionally, we are exploring the interaction of water with materials as an important aspect in the development of materials….Read More