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Rice News: Keiko Kato wins NSF 2017 Graduate Fellowship
Rice News: Rice expands graphene repertoire with MRI contrast agent
Ajayan Group: Hikmet Eren Okumus wins I-SWEEEP International Science Fair bronze medal
Phys Org: A simple way to turn carbon nanotubes into valuable graphene nanoribbons
Space Daily: Researchers grind nanotubes to get nanoribbons
Nature Nanotechnology Research Highlights: 2D Materials: A Memory for Images
Rice News: A smashing new look at nanoribbons
Science Daily: Smashing new look at nanoribbons: Researchers unzip nanotubes by shooting them at 15,000 mph
Materials Today: Tough foam from tiny sheets
Rice News: Rice University lab uses atom-thick materials to make ultralight foam
Science Daily: Tough foam from tiny sheets: Lab uses atom-thick materials to make ultralight foam
Phys.org: Scientists shoot carbon nanotubes out of high-speed gun
Science: New device pulls water from thin air
Nature World News: New carbon nanotube device harvests water from air
Rice News: Nanotube forests drink water from air
Rice News: Diamonds are an oil’s best friend
Science: New Device Pulls Water from Thin Air
Rice News: Hart wins NASA fellowship
Greencarcongress.com: Researchers at Rice University develop materials for Li-ion batteries
Futurity: Hybrid ribbons give batteries oomph
Science360 Breaking Story: Novel Technique Points Toward 2-D Devices
Rice News: Researchers create fine patterns that combine single-atom-thick graphene, boron nitride
Rice News: ‘Nanocable’ could be big boon for energy storage
Houston Chronicle:domain-b: Need a battery? Just check the garden
Materials360: Graphene has Unique Tribological Properties
Ajayan receives Swadeshi Sastra Puraskaram (Award)
domain-b: Green batteries: extract of madder plant works as lithium-ion cathode news
Futurity: Plant extract works as cathode for batteries
Foxnews: Herbs could be used as electric car battery cathodes
Rice News: Rice cultivates green batteries from plant
YouTUBE: Campus Conversations with the President: Pulickel Ajayan, September 2012
Scientific Codex: Waste not, power up
Rice News: Waste not, power up
YouTUBE: Rice researchers invent paintable battery
ScientificAmerican: Cover Charge: New Spray-On Battery Could Convert Any Object into an Electricity Storage Device
Forbes: Soon We Might Spray-Paint Batteries Onto Any Surface
BBC News: ‘Paint-on’ batteries demonstrated
Rice News: Rice researchers develop paintable battery
nanowerk: ‘Nanocable’ could be big boon for energy storage
NSF news from the field: “Nanocable” Could Be Big Boon for Energy Storage
Sciencedaily: ‘Nanocable’ Could Be Big Boon for Energy Storage
Techbeat: Nano-based transformer insulating fluid
ScientificAmerican: Nanosponge can absorb 100 times its weight in oil
ScienceDaily: Sponging Up Oil Spills: Nanosponges Soak Up Oil Again and Again
YouTUBE: Nanotube sponge soaks up oil
Rice News: Nanosponges soak up oil again and again
nano werk: Nano-oils keep their cool
Green Car Congress: Rice team develops thermal nano-oil with high thermal conductivity and good insulation properties
ScienceDaily: Nano-Oils Keep the Electronic Devices Really Cool
Rice News: Nano-oils keep their cool
Softpedia: Graphene Is Nearly ‘Invisible’ to Water
ScienceDaily: Graphene ‘Invisible’ to Water: How the Extreme Thinness of Graphene Enables Near-Perfect Wetting Transparency
Rice News: Water sees right through graphene
PhotonicsSpectra: One-step process turns carbon fibers into graphene QDs
LaserFocusWorld: Graphene quantum dots are fabricated in bulk from ordinary carbon fiber
Rice News: Graphene quantum dots: The next big small thing