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Hikmet Eren Okumus Award

MAY 1, 2016

High school student Hikmet Eren Okumus, a visiting scholar in Dr. Pulickel Ajayan’s lab at Rice University, received a 2016 I-SWEEEP International Science Fair bronze medal. His award winning project involves converting powder carbon nanotubes into three-dimensional carbon nanotubes that have the ability to absorb oil from water. Mr. Okumus was chosen out of 700 students representing 62 different countries with his project chosen from 365 engineering projects.

Mr. Okumus is a junior at the Harmony School of Science – Sugarland High and plans to be a mechanical engineer in the future. He was invited by Dr. Ajayan to participate in a learning experience in the Ajayan Group lab under the guidance of Dr. Sehmus Ozden. Mr. Okumus describes the potential for his award winning project: “This application could be used in large oil spills in the gulf region of our nation, which would save many marine lives.”

Hikmet Eren Okumus